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We are waiting for you to learn and to play music!

The Thucydidean Conservatoire was founded in 1990. It is recognised by the Greek Ministry of Culture.

Our vision

  • To offer high quality music training

  • To enhance the artistic, cultural, creative and social skills of our students through music

  • To encourage students to collaborate with each other and to participate in student concerts

  • To enable everyone, regardless of age, to access and participate in music education. It is never too early or too late to start learning and playing music.

  • To contribute to the cultural life in Alimos and the southern suburbs of Athens by organizing concerts, music seminars and workshops

  • To create an active musical community with the participation and cooperation of students, parents, teachers and friends of the conservatoire

Θουκυδίδειο Ωδείο Αρχική

To achieve our goals

  • We rely on our experienced teachers and on our human resources

  • We provide support to new students to choose an instrument and style of music

  • We offer hourly lessons (60′) and individual support to our students adapting tuition to their profile if necessary

  • We invest in human communication, transparency, a friendly environment and mutual trust

  • We take care to maintain a safe environment within the premises of the conservatoire

Our pedagogical approach

The conservatoire is not “just private tuition” but a place where students have the opportunity to apply and develop their knowledge and skills in collaboration with other students. Our approach is that each student must work with other musicians. The guitar orchestra, the string orchestra, the rock band, the folk orchestra and the percussion ensemble all help to bring students together on a regular basis. Each concert is also a great opportunity for new creative and constructive collaborations between our students.

Θουκυδίδειο Ωδείο Αρχική1

Our Sections

The Conservatoire has 4 main sections.

The Classical Section
The classical section includes all the instruments of the symphony orchestra, piano, classical guitar and some non-symphony wind instruments (e.g. saxophone). Students graduate with a diploma recognised by the Ministry of Culture. Students also attend compulsory theoretical courses.

The Folk Section
In the Traditional/Folk Section, we teach the various instruments used in the rich traditional and folk music of Greece including instruments such as the bouzouki, outi (oud), folk clarinet and violin, laouto, kanun, santouri, traditional percussion, folk singing, etc. Recently, the Ministry of Culture has established curricula leading to recognised diplomas.

The Modern Section
In the modern section, we teach the electric and acoustic guitar, electric bass, world drums and percussion and vocal music (for those who do not choose classical singing).

The “Orff System” Section

The Orff method is a renowned method for teaching music to children and infants through the use of small instruments (percussion, xylophone, metallophone, recorder, etc.) in combination with singing, dancing and drama. The method is part of the overall system of study at our Conservatoire and is an ideal and enjoyable preparation for the transition of young children to an instrument of their choice when they grow up.

Non-Greek speaking students

For non-Greek speaking students, lessons are given in English and other languages depending on the instrument (French, German, Spanish). They are warmly welcomed to our Conservatoire.

Our Teachers

Vlassis Petros
Violin & Viola
Papadimitriou Giorgos
Advanced Theory 
Eustathopoulos Yannis
Percussion Instruments
Zampeli Maria
Theodorou Andreas
Karras Charalampos
Karytinou Maria
Kitsou Elena
Early musical education
Klaudianos Dimitris 
Kostopoulos Dimitris 
Lykoudis George
Mikelis Dimitris
Bouzouki & Oud
Moschopoulou Nancy
Singing Lessons
Moustos Stelios
Basko Christ
Nikolakopoulou Athanasia
Nina Giannis
Davakos Anastasios
Electric Guitar & Bass
Dalapera Vasiliki
Palamidas Christos
Skepetaris Vassilis
Togrou Skevos
Traditional Violin
Fotia Maria
Chostolidou Maria
Kyriakopoulos Dimitris
Artistic Director
Sakellariou Vivi

Join our music family. We are waiting for you to learn and to play music!

Contact Info

Adress: Arkadiou 30, Alimos
Phone Number: 21 0984 9161

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